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The event focused on three key areas where climate change strategies can also offer important health benefits in the near term: active transportation, with benefits from increased physical activity; sustainable agriculture and food systems, with benefits through healthier diet and cleaner soils and water; and clean energy, with improved air quality.

Be sure to watch for the conclusions and key directions identified by global government and policy leaders throughout the day that will set the stage for future actions.
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Session 1: Overview of the Health Risks of Climate Change

Session 2: Panel: Diet for Sustainable Planet: Reimagining Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Amidst Climate Change

Session 3: Panel: Sustainable Communities, Active Lives: Active Transportation and Urban Design

Session 4: Panel: Clearing The Air: The Health and Climate Benefits of Cleaner Energy

Session 5: Closing Keynote & Summary of the Day

Session 6: Interactive Session:  Catalyzing Action: Putting Health at The Center of Addressing Climate Change